The Opposition People’s National Party, PNP, says the government is ignoring the hardships of parents during the pandemic.

In a statement, Opposition Spokesman on Education and Training, Dr Angela Brown Burke, says the Education Minister’s recent statement on re-opening schools, ignores the country’s socio-economic climate.

She says by calling on parents to do their part in ensuring children are learning, the Minister has not taken sufficient account of the economic hardships and the psychological stress parents face.

She says the pandemic has worsened the hardship faced by many.

Dr Angela Brown Burke, Opposition Spokesman on Education and Training.

She says the government should implement measures to make that burden lighter.

She says data indicates that significant learning loss has occurred during the pandemic.

Dr Brown Burke says that is particularly evident among grade 11 students, where she says a sharp decline in registration of students to sit the CXC examinations has been reported.

She’s demanding that more resources be provided.

The Opposition Spokesman on Education and Training also wants new approaches to ensure learning outcomes are realized.

She’s commending teachers for what she says is the tremendous sacrifice they’ve made.

She says the government should engage those stakeholders to determine specific actions to bring about change.