The People’s National Party, PNP, says it will continue to push for the Integrity Commission to publish and gazette the summary of the statutory declaration of assets and liabilities filed by Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

The PNP says the non-disclosure of the declaration is a breach of the law, which triggers mandatory sanctions.

In a statement yesterday, the PNP said no one is above the law.

The PNP says it expects the Integrity Commission to carry out its duty prescribed in law.

It says disclosure by the Prime Minister is not the legal procedure.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Andrew Holness said he hopes the Integrity Commission makes the declaration public by today.

He says if the Commission continues to delay he’ll possibly make the declaration public himself.

Responding to the Prime Minister’s comments, the PNP says the law is clear on how this matter is to be treated.

The Opposition says if the Prime Minister follows through on his promise it would be an attempt to circumvent the legal requirements.

And, it says if the statutory declarations aren’t published by the Integrity Commission it will still consider pursuing legal action.

The PNP says it understands the Integrity Commission is a new institution but it believes the matter of statutory declarations aren’t new to the commissioners.

Opposition Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips’ statutory declarations were published by the Commission almost three weeks ago.

Yesterday, Integrity Commission Chairman, Retired Justice Karl Harrison, told our news centre that Prime Minister Holness has submitted all the information requested of him by the commission to pave the way for the publication of his statutory declarations.