The People’s National Party Women’s Movement, PNPWM, is calling on the Police to increase their patrols in violence prone communities during this year’s summer break.

President of the PNPWM, Jennifer Edwards says they’re also appealing to the government to increase police patrols in communities where children are being attacked.

Ms. Edwards also says the heightened presence of the Police is especially needed as many children must commute via public transportation to get home. 

Only last week, a 15-year-old girl was almost abducted in the East Kingston Police division by men posing as taxi operators.

Ms. Edwards says she expects the police to minimise the possibility of losing anymore of the nation’s children to criminals.

Meanwhile, she says  the PNPWM is also calling for more public education on critical protection measures for children.

Jennifer Edwards, President of the People’s National Party Women’s Movement.