Police Commissioner, Dr. Carl Williams, is welcoming the permanent presence of the US based Federal Bureau of Investigations, FBI, in Jamaica as another layer of deterrence against criminal activity.

The Commissioner says the FBI field office to be set up at the US Embassy on Old Hope Road in St. Andrew should not be viewed as a loss of sovereignty but a move towards greater cooperation with our American partners.

The Commissioner was speaking earlier today at the handing over ceremony for some three-thousand 5-hundred less lethal kits by the US Embassy to the JCF.

Commissioner Williams today moved to allay fears that the FBI presence in Jamaica will compromise local law enforcement.

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He says an FBI presence in Jamaica is required in an environment where criminals operate internationally.

Commissioner Williams linked several flare ups of gang violence across the island to criminal elements in the US.

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The Commissioner announced that the lottery scam task force is set to be re-launched in western Jamaica in the coming weeks.

In this context he says cooperation between the JCF and the FBI is needed now more than ever.

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