The man revealed on Facebook raping a girl is being hunted by the Police this afternoon.

The video of his brutal act has gone viral. The girl is reportedly 15 years old.

The video which runs for 3:33 was posted by the man, who crudely defended the act in postings on social media. The video was posted by a man who goes by the name Odane Andray Anthony Greyson on Facebook.

In the video the girl cries, screams and begs for him to stop. He responds by telling her to shut up. He then tells her his actions are necessary because she had disrespected him.

The girl is repeatedly heard saying, “Odane please stop”. She asks him if he would want someone to treat his sisters in that manner.

He responds that he tells his sisters not to “diss any man and it would not happen to her” He then tells the girl that he is going to let her mother know about what she’s done.

The girl begs him to release her to her mother, as she only has her to go home to.

Throughout the ordeal the girl can be heard sobbing.

After posting the video, the man, Odane, posted a comment on Facebook rebuking all who have called him a rapist.

He says quote, “all who a talk bout rape get this thru uhnuh heads me never rape from mi born and if mi rape she wouldn’t come back a mi yard.

Mi know mi wrong fi post up her private things thru wi kick off so when uhnuh a talk bout rape an prison uhnuh fi know what is what before uhnuh start chat so uhnuh come offa mi name cause mi still have things fi show seh she still cum a mi yawd. End quote.

On his Facebook page he states that he is from Mocho in Clarendon and went to Lennon High School in the parish.

It states that he now lives in Spanish Town, St. Catherine and was born October 20, 1990, which would make him 25 years old.

For his occupation he writes, “Works at Gal Man”.

Nationwide News contacted the Centre for Investigation of Sexual Offenses and Child Abuse, CISOCA which says it has launched an investigation into the matter.

The video has been re-posted by several websites.

Many have taken down the video and re-posted only the audio of the incident.

The man has subsequently deleted his Facebook page

Several people have posted the man’s picture, asking the authorities to find him and let him face the full brunt of the law.

Meanwhile the Youth Minister, Lisa Hanna has described the incident as disgusting

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Minister Hanna says the incident shows a breakdown in the society.

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