The St. Catherine Parish Council and the police in the parish are on a collision course, over the decision by the police to impose a ban on all entertainment activities in the parish.

Last week the Police announced that the ban was necessary due to a spike in murders.

Since the start of the year almost 60 persons have been murdered in the St. Catherine North Division, which includes the troubled community of Spanish Town.

The police say the murders are the result of an internal feud within the Klansman Gang, which has its base in the parish.

But the Chairman of the Parish Council, Mayor Norman Scott, is angry with the police.

He told last Thursday’s monthly meeting of the Parish Council that the decision to by the police to impose the ban, without first consulting the council, was insulting.

Mayor Scott says the Parish Council will not be supporting the ban and is calling on the police to lift it immediately.

The Mayor says an entertainment permit costs 3-thousand-5-hundred dollars and many have already been issued for the month of May.

Mayor Scott says rather than imposing a parish wide ban, the police could limit the measure to crime hotspots.