A man who’s been charged with murder, appears to be taking responsibility for the deed through social media, while in police lock- up.

This has raised concerns about the porous state of security in the nation’s lock-ups.

The posts were made on social media within the last 24-hours from what appears to be the inmate’s Facebook account.

The St. Ann Police say they’ll investigate the post.


Twenty-five year old Andrae Campbell was charged with the murder of 91-year-old Zoneel Hanson last month.

He reportedly confessed to the crime while being questioned by the police.

Bloody clothes were also reportedly found during a search of his home.

But, it now appears Campbell has taken to the social media platform, Facebook, to justify his actions.

In a post on Tuesday, an account with the name Andrae Dameion Campbell, wrote quote….”does anyone remember when he sent my grandfather to hell?”…unquote.

The account was commenting on a December 7 post by someone speaking out against Mr. Hanson’s murder.

The account with the name Andrae Dameion Campbell also declared quote…“a murder the thing deh”…unquote…before engaging in a brief argument.

Nationwide sources indicate Campbell’s grandfather was killed through an act of jungle violence almost two decades ago.

It’s believed the slaying of Mr. Hanson was partly done as an act of reprisal.
On December 5, 2019, Mr. Hanson’s body was discovered by his daughter in Bohemia, St. Ann.He was chopped to death.

Head of the St. Ann Police, Senior Superintendent, Calvin Small, says the police were not aware of posts being made on social media.

When our news centre presented him with screen shots of the social media activity, the St. Ann Police Chief said an investigation would be launched.