New data from the Police say over 500 have been arrested so far this year for drug trafficking.

Between January and August, Police data also show a drastic increase in ganja and cocaine seizures in comparison to last year.

Among those before the courts are airport and seaport workers, as well as members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, JCF.

In its recent reports, the JCF’s Narcotics Division has also been making further leads in relation to the illicit drug trade.

In the past eight months, Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of Crime, Fitz Bailey says they’ve arrested 5-hundred and six persons for drug trafficking.

The majority of those arrested are Jamaicans, but the Police have also nabbed nine British nationals, three Costa Ricans, three Nicaraguans and two Americans.

Among the Jamaicans, two members of the JCF and four seaport employees have been arrested.

The Narcotics Police say corrupt employees at the nation’s air and seaports continue to facilitate the movement of drugs and cash.

Drug trafficking among Jamaicans, Costa Ricans and Nicaraguans has also become an area of great concern for the Narcotics Police.

According to Police data, ganja is being traded in Costa Rica for cocaine and guns.

The Narcotics Police say this is a trend that’s being investigated.

Nineteen Jamaicans and 11 Costa Ricans have been arrested so far this year in relation to that particular trade.

Drug couriers continue to target flights heading into other countries in the region.

The Eastern Caribbean remains on the Police’s radar following 19 cases so far this year.

The Police say that in these cases, drugs were discovered in luggage and even wig caps.

Acting DCP Bailey says this year, the Police have recorded the highest seizure of cocaine in the last 15 years.

That data show only 22-kilograms of cocaine was seized by the Police last year.

So far this year the Police have also seized over 23-thousand kilograms of ganja.

This was also significantly higher than the more than 15-thousand kilograms seized last year.