The police have listed co-founder of the Tambourine Army, Latoya Nugent, as a person of interest.

Ms. Nugent is arguably the most controversial and militant member of the activist group, formed in January to tackle gender-based violence.

She often uses expletives on social media in admonishing people whom she alleges have sexually abused children.

She’s been leading a campaign to encourage victims to name their abusers.

The firebrand activist is now being asked to turn herself in to the Constabulary’s Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Brach, CTOC.

Latoya Nugent posts on Facebook using the name Stella Gibson. She’s described herself as a feminist and a lesbian.

Ms. Nugent is one of the women who converged on the Nazareth Moravian Church in Manchester in January to protest child sexual abuse.

This, after news broke that 64-year-old Moravian Minister, Rupert Clarke, was charged with having sex with a minor.

She’s now infamous for using a Tambourine to assault, then president of the Moravian Church, Paul Gardner, who was also subsequently charged with carnal abuse.

But that’s not why the police are seeking her.

Head of CTOC, Assistant Commissioner of Police Clifford Chambers, says she’s been accused of using a computer maliciously.

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ACP Chambers says the police have visited location where Ms. Nugent is known to frequent, but she’s yet to be found.

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It’s clear Ms. Nugent knows the police are after her.

She’s made a number of posts on Facebook, revealing this. But she’s maintained that she’ll not be intimidated; not be silenced; and that she’ll always stand with the survivors of abuse.