The Police High Command says it’s offering assurance to returning residents that their safety and security remains a high priority.

In a statement over the weekend, the Constabulary said strategies and support systems are currently being bolstered for the protection of returning residents.

The JCF says the statement comes against the background of recent incidents against returning residents.

According to the JCF, its assurance also comes following concerns expressed by members of the diaspora to Police Commissioner, Antony Anderson, during recent meetings in the United Kingdom.

The JCF says some of the measures being pursued are the establishment of a point of contact for the diaspora to address specific concerns about cases.

Also under consideration is the establishment of a service for background checks to be done on people who returning residents wish to employ.

The leadership of the Constabulary says a Liaison Officer will be appointed in each Police division to monitor and provide returning residents with timely feedback on policing matters.

According to the JCF, meetings will also be held regularly at the divisional level to enhance the sharing of important information.

President of the Jamaica Association for the Resettlement of Returning Residents, Percival Latouche, is urging Jamaicans who are domiciled overseas not to return home.

Mr. Latouche says he’s reached the stage where he feels constrained to make that call.

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Mr. Latouche was reacting to a report in the Guardian newspaper in the UK which alleged that nearly 200 returning residents have been killed in Jamaica over the past 10 years.

Latouche says there’s already been several murders of returning residents this year.

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Mr. Latouche is urging Jamaicans who’re residents overseas but are intent on returning to the island to be ultra careful.

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