Opposition Spokesman on National Security, Fitz Jackson, says people who’ve paid fees for emergency police records, who’ve been affected by the breakdown of regular operations should be reimbursed immediately.

In a statement over the weekend, Mr Jackson says the government’s failure to fix the problems at the Police Records Office quickly, while collecting fees for emergency services amounts to a breach of contract.

In Mr. Jackson’s view, the government is collecting money from ordinary Jamaicans under false pretense, and this must be corrected immediately.

The opposition spokesman says the problems at the records office have also added to the overcrowding of jail cells.

He says convicts held in lockups require criminal records before they’re transferred to correctional facilities.

The PNP spokesman says that he never expected the situation at the agency to deteriorate further, having been given the assurance that remedial action was being taken.

He says at the last National Security Council meeting, he was assured that the government would instruct all agencies to relax deadlines for submitting police records.

According to Mr. Jackson, the government said it would also appeal to non-governmental agencies, and other foreign agencies to do likewise, in light of the breakdown at the Police Records office.

He’s calling on the government to immediately address the issues and put in place an equitable and workable backlog recovery and emergency system.