The Police Federation today rejected another wage offer from the Government and has signaled that come next Tuesday, there’s no certainty that there will be normalcy in the country.

Today, Public Service Minister, Horace Dalley, resubmitted an initial offer of 5% to the police union.

Like the first offer, this one would see the rank and file members of the Force, getting a 3% wage increase in the 2015/2016 fiscal year and 2% in the next.

The police union has requested a 100% increase with 65% in the first year and 35% in the 2nd year.

Chairman of the Federation, Sergeant Raymond Wilson, says while the Federation have decided on a fall back position, the current 5-percent is an insult and fails to meet the financial demands of its members.

He says he’ll write to Minister Dalley requesting a better offer, failing which, the police will take action.

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Sergeant Raymond Wilson Chairman of the Police Federation.