The police have removed two more illegal guns from off the nation’s streets.

Reports from the Freeport Police are that a joint military/police operation was conducted along Copperwood main road in the parish of St. James when a man was seen acting suspiciously.

Upon the approach of the lawmen, the man allegedly ran but was subsequently accosted and searched.

One Smith and Wesson 9-millimeter pistol along with ten rounds of ammunition was found in the front section of his waistband.

The man has been identified as 29-year-old Jeremey Williams, otherwise called ‘Indian’, a labourer of Mount Pellier in the parish.

He’s been charged with illegal possession of firearm and ammunition.

Meanwhile, in another incident the Porus police are reporting that they have arrested and charged a man who aroused their suspicion during an operation in Berrydale, Manchester.

The police say the man, whose name cannot be disclosed, discarded an object in a garbage bin and ran.

He was later accosted and the object retrieved.
The police are alleging that the recovered object is a homemade firearm containing one round of ammunition.

The Constabulary says it is investigating the incident.