The Police’s new battalion, the Specialized Operations Branch, says more than 40 gangs have been dismantled and several wanted persons captured since its inception in August 2019.

Senior Intelligence Communicator assigned to the Specialized Operations Branch, Deputy Superintendent Nigel Cunningham, says the new battallion has crippled a number of the top level gangs among the 250 organized group of criminals identified in the country.

Superintendent Cunningham was speaking at the ceremonial opening of the refurbished facility that houses the Specialized Operations Branch at Harman Barracks in St Andrew this morning.

The Specialized Operations Branch is home to the Constabulary’s Special Weapons and Tactics Unit, SWAT. The unit is being described as a high quality response formation that utilizes superior intelligence gathering, investigation and tactical skills to combat crime.

It is staffed by level two and four officers who are recruited to aggressively target crime in volatile communities.

DSP Nigel Cunningham, Senior Intelligence Communicator assigned to the Constabulary’s Specialized Operations Branch.

Meanwhile, the Officer in charge of training at the Specialized Operations Branch, Superintendent Howard Chambers, says the battalion has conducted more than 700 operations.

Superintendent Chambers the work of the specialized unit has resulted in the capture of 76-wanted persons.

Superintendent Howard Chambers, Officer in charge of training for the SWAT Battalion