Deputy Superintendent in charge of the Constabulary’s Corporate Communications Unit, Dahlia Garrick, says the police are taking steps to secure regular exercise areas.

Several people have taken to social media to detail instances where young women were reportedly preyed upon by suspicious individuals in the corporate area over the last week.

One woman says a male and female team attempted to get her to enter a motor car.

There’ve been at least three attempted kidnappings since Friday in the corporate area.

The victims have shared their stories on the social media platforms, Twitter and WhatsApp.

DSP Garrick is also encouraging people to be vigilant while conducting their business in light of social media reports of attempted abductions.

William Mitchell reports.

DSP Garrick says the police have increased patrols during popular exercise times in affected areas.

DSP Garrick says patrols will be increased in common exercise areas across the Corporate Area.

Minutes after the seven joggers fled to safety, two others were reportedly robbed.

The men told our news centre that after tracking one of the stolen cellular phones they were told by the police to visit another police division.

DSP Garrick says this is not proper investigative protocol.

Meanwhile, DSP Garrick says there’ve been no formal reports of attempted abductions in the corporate area.

But she says people should remain vigilant.