A Police personnel at the Constant Spring station who reportedly refused to take a report from a woman who was allegedly physically abused by her partner because she attended the station during curfew hours could be placed on interdiction.

That’s according to Police Commissioner, Major General Antony Anderson, who says that will be determined after the files on the investigation into the incident are reviewed.

Major General Anderson says other members of the force have expressed disappointment with the policeman’s alleged conduct.

The Police Commissioner who was speaking on Cliff Hughes Online today says the Policeman’s conduct is hard to comprehend.

This, as the Constant Spring Police station is one of the JCF’s domestic violence response centres.

The Police Commissioner is reiterating that a Police station is always available to the public.

Major General Antony Anderson, Police Commissioner, speaking on Cliff Hughes Online today.

Police Commissioner Apologizes

In the meantime…Major General Anderson is publicly apologising to the complainant Christine Donaldson.

Major General Antony Anderson, Police Commissioner.