Four people are now dead following a motor vehicle collision in Portmore, St. Catherine this morning.

Among those killed is 47-year-old Dillon Davis, a Police Sergeant from the Kingston Central Police Division.

The other deceased are 29-year-old Tameka Davis from 3 East, Greater Portmore, 18-year-old Theo McKenzie, also from Greater Portmore, and a St. Catherine man known only as ‘Marvin’.

A fifth person is in hospital.

Head of the Police Traffic Division Senior Superintendent Calvin Allen says McKenzie was driving a Toyota Yaris along Dyke Road when it collided with a Honda CRV, which was being driven by Sergeant Davis.

Davis, ‘Marvin’ and another man were passengers in McKenzie’s car.

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SSP Allen says the death of their colleague is a blow to the entire Jamaica Constabulary Force.

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SSP Allen is urging motorists to take more caution on the nation’s roads.

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