One of the persons who assisted in rescuing a baby girl who was abandoned in the Coronation Market in downtown, Kingston, Valerie Henry, is commending a policewoman attached to the Denham Town Station for the care she showed the baby once she was in the custody of the Constabulary.

The police reported yesterday that the baby girl was found abandoned in the market on Monday evening.

According to the Constabulary, it was alerted after the baby was seen by a homeless man at about 7 p.m.

Nationwide News visited the busy commercial district yesterday and spoke with Ms Henry.

When asked what name she would give to the baby, Ms Henry’s response was “Blessings”.

Our news centre understands the baby was found at a stall in the Coronation Market.

Ms Henry gave us this account of what happened.

Ms. Henry says she’s overwhelmed by the discovery of the baby.

She is also expressing sympathy for the parents.

Valerie Henry, One of the persons who assisted with rescuing a baby girl who was abandoned in the Coronation Market on Monday.

She was speaking with Nationwide News.

The baby girl was taken to the Bustamante Hospital for Children by the Police for observation.

In a video posted by the Jamaica Constabulary Force, two of its members are seen at the hospital with the baby who had no visible physical wounds.

The Police are appealing to anyone with information that can assist them in locating the parents to call 119.