Residents of Port Antonio are calling for more opportunities for the town’s youth who they feel have been neglected over the years.

Nationwide News walked the streets of Port Antonio today asking residents to state their major grievances heading into the April 4 by-election.

All the residents who spoke with our news team agreed the youth of Port Antonio are suffering. Miss Charmaine owns a cook shop near the Errol Flynn Marina in the east of Port Antonio. She’s lived in Port Antonio all her life and is putting two of her children through university from what little she earns from her business.

However, her major concern is finding opportunities for youth which she hopes will, in turn, help her business.

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Miss Charmaine says she has no intention to vote as she’s been turned off the political process which she sees as a waste of time

The town was buzzing with members of both political parties walking the streets as they attempt to drum up support in these critical days up to election day.

Another long-standing resident affectionately known as the carver who creates elaborate wooden statuettes says he’s been disappointed by the scant regard given to the parish over the years. He says his son and others are struggling to find work.

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Nationwide was guided through the bustling town by a youthful tour guide named Tony. Tony says he does what needs to be done, as part of his daily hustle he walks the street meeting and greeting people as he goes. He boasts that he knows almost everyone by name.

Tony says in his 34 years he’s just been getting by and is hopeful for a much-needed change to come his way.

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