The number of people arrested for praedial larceny has more than tripled this year when compared to last year.

Over 80 people have been arrested between January and July.

Head of the Praedial Larceny Prevention Unit, Deputy Superintendent Kevin Francis says 83 persons were arrested during 31 operations over the last seven months.

In 2016, the police arrested 23 persons for praedial larceny. The Unit has also recovered two illegal firearms, seized three vehicles and recovered 33 stolen animals.

Over 387 vehicles were stopped, checked and searched. The Unit also issued just over a hundred Road Traffic Act tickets.

DSP Francis says they’ve also visited over a hundred and 30 farmers and held 61 community meetings.

Sixteen farm watch groups have been established in St. Thomas. He says the efforts of the unit have resulted in renewed confidence in the agricultural sector.