Prepare, but do not panic!

That’s the word this afternoon from Prime Minister Andrew Holness as the Coronavirus, COVID 19, continues to spread across the world.

There’s been no case of the virus in Jamaica.

But, it has been detected in three Caribbean territories – the Dominican Republic, St. Martin and St. Barts.

The Prime Minister says the government is taking the necessary steps to prepare for the possible arrival of COVID-19 in Jamaica.

He noted that some of the steps include increasing the country’s stock of protective gear and the travel restriction to affected countries.

Also, an intensified public education campaign about the virus and the coordination of additional training of healthcare practitioners.

Prime Minister Holness gave the update at Jamaica House today shortly after he convened a meeting of the National Disaster Risk Management Council.

By law, the Prime Minister chairs the council.

Mr. Holness is urging Jamaicans to be diligent in preparing for the virus.

Prime Minister Holness also implored Jamaicans to practice good hygiene.

Prime Minister Holness says following the recommended guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus is key to containing the virus if it arrives in Jamaica.

Prime Minister Holness is also calling on Jamaicans not to engage in unnecessary travel to countries where there’s an outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Prime Minister Holness noted that the committee was being convened in response to the threat of the coronavirus in accordance with the provisions of the National Disaster Risk Management Act.