The Covid-19 numbers are rising again!

And Prime Minister Andrew Holness is warning that it’s likely the government will re-impose tighter Covid-19 restrictions after a Cabinet subcommittee meeting this weekend.

This as all major Covid-19 indicators in the country are headed in the wrong direction.

The increase in the numbers follows the July 1 reopening of the entertainment sector, a relaxing of the nightly curfew hours and allowance for larger public gatherings.

Prime Minister Holness says with the highly transmissible Delta variant now being the dominant strain across the world, the government is likely to tighten restrictions.

Ricardo Brooks reports.


Jamaicans will know by next Tuesday whether the celebrations of “Outside!” were premature.

With both the positivity and reproductive rates on the increase, the Prime Minister says the government will likely walk back the relaxed measures.

The current measures are set to expire on August 11.

July is so far outpacing the June average of daily positive cases.

Today the country recorded its highest single day increase in more than eight weeks, with 122 cases.

The average daily positivity rate over the last seven days has been 8.8-percent.

It now stands at 9.9-percent. This is well above the recommended rate of 5-percent.

Prime Minister Holness told the House of Representatives this afternoon that western parishes are experiencing the highest level of spread.

Hanover and Westmoreland are seeing a per capita spread two to three times greater than Kingston and St. Andrew.

He says the country may be entering a third wave of transmission.

The Prime Minister says his warnings are not meant to be alarmist.

But he says Jamaicans should not be complacent about the Delta variant.

Prime Minister Holness says he continues to believe the country can effectively manage the pandemic and reopen the economy.

He’s again pleading for personal responsibility.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Holness says measures will be in place to curb the spread of the virus for the upcoming Independence and Emancipation weekend.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

He was addressing the House of Representatives on Wednesday afternoon.