Nationwide News understands that Police Commissioner, Major General Antony Anderson, has ordered a probe into the circumstances surrounding the apprehension of a man seen in a video hurling insults at the Prime Minister.

It’s been revealed that the man, Shaquille Higgins, has been released by the St. Ann police without charge.

On Tuesday the Jamaica Constabulary Force told the country that Mr. Higgins was taken into custody in relation to a larceny matter in St. Ann.

In a series of videos, which have since gone viral on social media, Higgins can be seen blasting the Prime Minister for the re-imposition of the 8:00 p.m. nightly curfew.

He was then taken into custody by the police and appears to have been coerced into make an apology to the Prime Minister on camera.

The police have denied that Higgins was apprehended in connection with the expletives directed towards Mr. Holness.

On Wednesday, senior police sources said Higgins was released without charge after a question and answer session.

It’s understood that a memo is to be issued to members of the JCF reminding them that any breach of the law should be dealt with according to procedures laid down in law and no more.

Our sources say the members of the JCF are being reminded that apologies are not to be solicited or coerced from members of the public.

The High Command says if someone chooses to apologize, they may do this by their own means and circulate it themselves without the police’s participation.

The Commissioner told the men and women of the force that it is inappropriate to share internal reports, correspondence or images captured without proper authorization.