The prosecution in the Klansman Gang Trial wrapped up its case against the 33 accused in the Supreme Court in downtown Kingston Tuesday morning. 

The 33 are being tried on an indictment with 25 counts under the anti gang legislation. 

The prosecution called its final witness to the stand Tuesday, a Detective Constable who explained the chain of custody of evidence collected at a crime scene in 2018. 

An alleged rival gangster, Danian Forrester, also called “Dooley” was murdered in that attack on Red Hills Road allegedly by Klansman gangsters. 

The presiding judge Chief Justice Bryan Sykes ordered the prosecution to compile all the evidence against each accused and share with the defence by May 20. 

The trial takes a break tomorrow and will resume on Thursday when defence attorney, Kymani Bryson, will pose further questions to the prosecution’s star witness.