A defence attorney in the Klansman gang trial yesterday accused the Prosecution’s star witness of trying to entrap her client into confessing to a crime, as she pleaded with the court to free him.

Attorney for Jermaine Robinson, Roxine Smith, says her client also has no case to answer.

According to Ms Smith, Robinson, who’s a former member of the Jamaica Defense Force, JDF, was accused of providing body guard services for alleged gang leader Andre Blackman Bryan.

But she says none of the witnesses explained how he provided this service..

Stevian Sappleton reports:

Robinson’s attorney says his name was never mentioned in any of the cellphone conversations between the alleged gangsters which the Prosecution’s star witness had secretly recorded.

Ms Smith says the only call involving her client was one with the witness, and it’s the witness who placed the call.

She says on listening the recording of that call it’s clear her client was clueless about what the witness was talking about when he mentioned some of names of the alleged gangsters.

Ms. Smith said Quote ” In one of the calls you can’t help but wonder if it was an entrapment, the witness mentioned Suss, and it was clear Mr Robinson did not know who this person was.” end Quote

It’s why she says the witness’ evidence is spurious, insufficient and weak.

Also yesterday, Attorney for the sole female defendant in the Klansman gang trial, Stephanie Christie, Alexander Shaw, pleaded with the court to withdraw one of the courts the Prosecution has against her.

Shaw who also represents Andre Golding and Andre Smith, describes the Prosecution’s star witness as dangerous and unreliable.

With regards to Christie, on count 25 relating to the facilitating the murder of a man called ICE, Shaw says the Prosecution’s first witness testified that Christie was piloting the vehicle which transported the men to commit that murder.

He notes the witness testified Christie was driving her car and leading them to where ICE was located.

But he says during cross examination that witness admitted he made omissions relating to this incident in his statement to the Police.

According to Shaw, the omissions are not mere oversight but material inconsistencies which go to the heart of the count against his client.

Regards to his client Andre Smith, on count 5, Shaw says the Prosecution’s star witness presented contradictory evidence in his testimony about a double murder on a netball field in Rivolli.

He says the witness testified he left the scene before the murder was committed and was told the following day that Ezzy and Jim Brown murdered the men.

He says no evidence is presented that his client participated, the bodies of the men were never found, and no evidence came from the victim’s relatives nor autopsy results conducted.

Furthermore Shaw says the witness was unable to give definitive dates for the incidents to which he testified, making it difficult for his clients to defend themselves against accusations they were involved.

It’s why he says the Prosecution’s star witness is unreliable, dangerous and his accounts need to be verified.