Stevian Simmonds

The Public Accounts Committee, PAC, will no longer pursue matters pertaining to the Special Audit of the Caribbean Maritime University, CMU, when it resumes its sittings in the New Year.

The decision was taken by new PAC Chairman, Julian Robinson.

He made the request of PAC members at this morning’s sitting of the Committee.

Mr. Robinson says he believes the CMU issue has been extensively ventilated before the PAC.

A Special Audit report into the CMU found serious breaches of governance leading to allegations of fraud and corruption.

Corruption charges were also leveled against then CMU President Fritz Pinnock and then Education Minister, Ruel Reid, in relation to various agencies under his portfolio.

Both men remain before the courts but deny allegations of wrongdoing.

Mr. Robinson says instead the committee will for its first review focus on the Special Audit of the HEART-NSTA.

Mr. Robinson succeeds Mark Golding as Opposition Spokesman on Finance.

Mr. Golding appointed him upon elevation to the position of Opposition Leader.

The former PNP General Secretary says the audits of the Jamaica Urban Transit Company, JUTC, and farm and parochial roads will then follow.

Mr. Robinson says he intends to use the committee to ensure Jamaicans get transparency and value for money from the various government bodies.