President of the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica, PSOJ, William Mahfood, says the PNP should bring it’s members to account for failing to hand over donations which were intended for the party’s treasury.

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Mr. Horne noted in his report that only a few senior PNP members who collected money from the private sector for the party, reported or accounted in full, or even in part, for the receipt of these donations.

Mr. Horne says the actions of the senior members heavily affected the Party’s income and had a negative effect on the national campaign.

The PSOJ President says this speaks ill of the state of campaign financing in the country.

He’s calling for transparency.

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Meanwhile, Former Contractor General Greg Christie has reacted to the ‘misappropriation of campaign finance scandal’ rocking the PNP.

Mr. Christie says if the inferences behind the allegations made by PNP Treasurer, Norman Horne are true, they raise serious questions about the effectiveness of Jamaica’s campaign financing laws.

The former Contractor General says the findings of a recent report by international corruption watchdog group, Transparency International, should be noted.

In 2013, on its Global Corruption Perception Index, Transparency International found that 85-percent of respondents felt that Jamaica’s political parties are either corrupt or extremely corrupt.

Greg Christie says it’s critical that Jamaica’s political parties take swift and proactive steps to dispel the high levels of perceived corruption which are being directed at them.

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