Public Health Inspectors have become the latest category of workers to reject the government’s 7-percent wage increase offer over two years,

This, as wage negotiations between the government and public sector workers drag on.

The Jamaica Association of Public Health Inspectors, JAPHI, says it rejected the government’s offer for the 2015-2017 contract period at a meeting held at the Ministry of Finance on July 30.

It says the government has offered a 4-percent increase in salary and allowances in year one and a further 3-percent increase in year two.

The President of JAPHI, is Steve Morris.

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Steve Morris, President of the Jamaica Association of Public Health Inspectors.

He says the Finance Ministry is to make a written response to its counterclaim by August 14.

In a statement today, JAPHI also rejected the proposal to increase the salary of public sector workers by a flat rate of 4-thousand dollars per month.

It says while it’s aware of the IMF agreement and the need for government to keep public sector wages within 9-percent of GDP, the majority of Public Health Inspectors are barely surviving in today’s economic climate.