Rural Agricultural Development Authority, RADA Chairman, Nigel Myrie, is describing recent utterances by members of the Opposition People’s National Party, PNP, as raw politics. 

The Opposition PNP, led by its president, Dr Peter Phillips, came out swinging yesterday, claiming it had uncovered the corrupt issuance of up to $1.6-billion worth of de-bushing contracts in St. Thomas by RADA.

A document titled RADA’s Eastern Zone Master List of farm roads, lists farm roads, types of rehabilitation proposed and estimated cost for each. 

That document shows an estimated cost of $1.6 billion for several roads in St Thomas. 

Mr Myrie says that document is only a planning tool. 

Mr Myrie maintains that the one-point-six billion dollar amount is close to the total spend by RADA under the programme for the entire country.

And, he says the column for rehabilitation works proposed, doesn’t list the entire project to be done on some of the roads. 

For example, for several roads, only bushing is listed under that column. 

And, in response to the PNP’s call for the Auditor General to conduct a financial audit of the institution, Mr Myrie had this to say. 

Nigel Myrie, Chairman of the Rural Agricultural Development Authority, speaking this afternoon with Nationwide News. 

Meanwhile, Auditor General Pamela Munroe Ellis, says she won’t comment on the matter. 

When Nationwide News contacted Mrs Munroe Ellis, this afternoon, she said RADA is to appear before Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee soon, to discuss her latest report on the agency and, she says she’ll not address any matter concerning the entity before then.