Executive Director of Jamaicans of Justice, JFJ, Rodje Malcolm says a compensation framework has been agreed on for the victims of the Coral Gardens tragedy in 1963.

The human rights lobby group is representing the Rastafari Coral Gardens Benevolent Society.

The agreed payment structure comes after newspaper reports that two years after Prime Minister Andrew Holness apologised to the victims, no money had been disbursed to them.

He says the registration process for survivors who qualify for compensation will begin over the weekend.

Mr. Malcolm says he expects disbursement of the funds to take place within 4-weeks.

Rodje Malcolm, Executive Director of Jamaicans for Justice, JFJ. He was speaking on Nationwide This Morning with Kalilah Reynolds and Patria-Kaye Aarons.

Mr. Malcolm says between 36 and 50 survivors could qualify for compensation.

Rodje Malcolm, Executive Director of Jamaicans for Justice.