Relatives of a 54 year old man who’s believed to have been of unsound mind, are alleging he was killed by the police.

Dave Campbell was a labourer of Bryans Hill, Clarendon.

A family member claims the police visited Campbell’s home, as he was a suspect in a theft.  

However, the family member claims Campbell is of unsound mind.

He claims the lawmen beat Campbell inside his house before taking him outside and shooting him.

He also claims that the police took Campbell’s body to the Chapleton Police station, and transported him to the morgue after some delay.

According to the family member, Campbell was not a favourite among some community members.

Nationwide News has since received a statement from the JCF’s Corporate Communications Unit confirming Campbell’s death.

The police report says there was a confrontation with the lawmen.

However, details of the events resulting in his death were not released.

Efforts to get comment from the Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM, proved futile.