The Ministry of Labour and Social Security says it has begun relief efforts to communities in the five parishes most affected by heavy rainfall and flooding associated with the passing of Tropical Storm Ian.

They are St. Catherine, Clarendon, Portland, St Elizabeth and St Ann.

The Ministry’s Disaster, Rehabilitation and Welfare Unit, says homes in at least 5 communities in St. Catherine and 8 in Clarendon have suffered varying degrees of property loss.

The St. Catherine communities include Church Road in Bog Walk, Kent Village, Hampton Green, Big Pond, and Patrick Street in Old Harbour.

Those in Clarendon include areas of May Pen, Corn Piece, Free Town, Palmers Cross and others.

One Shelter was activated in Clarendon with 10 individuals, who were provided with hygiene kits.

The Ministry says while St. Elizabeth, St. Ann and Portland were also impacted, the degree of damage and dislocation is relatively less.

Efforts have also been made to provide support to residents in these parishes who were most affected.

Labour Minister, Karl Samuda, says assessments and emergency relief support continue in all affected parishes, with the distribution of food parcels, hygiene kits and tarpaulins.

The Ministry is also preparing to deliver mattresses to families in need.