Tyrone Reid reports.

612, that’s the number of days that have elapsed since the Senate finally approved amendments to the long-awaited and much touted Road Traffic Act, which is yet to fully take effect in law.

The new-look road traffic law was approved in the Upper House on December 7, 2018.

Data obtained from the Road Traffic Unit show that between December 8, 2018 and today, August 10, 2020, 718 persons have been killed on the nation’s streets as a result of road fatalities.

Vice Chairman of the National Road Safety Council, Dr Lucien Jones, says the 20-month delay is unacceptable.

Dr. Jones says the issue of the long delay was discussed at a meeting in June.

The Road Safety council is chaired by the Prime Minister.

Dr. Jones says Prime Minister Andrew Holness was at the meeting in June.

He says two problems are largely responsible for the modern road traffic act being stuck.

The first issue being:

According to Dr Jones, the second problem causing the delay in the Road Traffic Act being fully operational is this

But, the Vice Chairman of the Road Safety Council says the delay in the full implementation of the new road traffic law isn’t acceptable.

Dr. Jones is also arguing that there’s a correlation between the delay in the full implementation of the new Road Traffic Act and road fatalities.