The row between the Government and the Opposition about Shadow Spokesman, Phillip Paulwell’s announcement of the sale of bauxite and alumina company, ALPART is intensifying.

The near three-hundred million US dollar deal is aimed at reviving Jamaica’s ailing bauxite alumina industry.

Mining Minister Mike Henry and Energy Minister Andrew Wheatley are in China leading an official delegation to complete the negotiations with the Chinese.

Paulwell was invited to China by the purchasing ALPART, JISCO.

He announced the finalization of the multi million dollar deal in a statement earlier this week and took credit for the sale.

Paulwell’s statement came ahead of any official government word.

In a statement to the media, Mining Minister Mike Henry described Paulwell’s statement as impulsive, impetuous, rude and self-serving.

He says Paulwell’s hasty move was not only premature, but potentially harmful to ongoing negotiations.

But PNP Deputy General Secretary, Julian Robinson, says he’s proud of the work done by his colleague in arranging the sale.

Mr. Robinson says Minister Henry’s chastisement of Paulwell was unnecessary and unfortunate.

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Mr. Robinson also rejected suggestions that Paulwell caused any potential harm to the arrangement.

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