A man who has reportedly been held in detention, without charge, despite a judge ordering his release, has been granted bail.

The parish court judge who made the original release order has since recused herself from the proceedings.

The man, Romando Kerr, has been in custody since July.

In a statement last Friday, Kerr’s attorney, Don Foote, said his client was being unjustly held.

Mr. Foote said Parish Court Judge, Kelly Ann Boyne, had ordered his client’s release, on July 26.

But, that order was reportedly not honoured by the police.

Mr. Foote said the police continued to hold his client under the emergency powers granted to them under the State of Public Emergency in Westmoreland.

The police said while Kerr was in custody, they investigated multiple reports of sex crimes, allegedly committed by Kerr.

Three weeks after the Court ordered Kerr’s release, he was charged with rape and abduction, on August 16.

When Kerr appeared before Parish Court Judge Steve Walters yesterday, he was granted bail.

In a statement yesterday, Mr. Foote said Parish Judge Boyne, recused herself from the proceedings due to conflicting reports regarding her order to release Mr. Kerr.