A  renewed application for leave for judicial review to quash criminal charges and to stay the proceedings in the Ruel Reid/CMU saga was today refused in the Supreme Court, in Kingston.

The ruling was handed down by Justice David Batts.

The initial application for leave before a single Judge was also refused.

The renewed application was heard by Justices, David Batts, Stephane Jackson Haisley, and Chester Stamp.

A subsequent application for leave to appeal in the matter was also refused.

Attorneys Hugh Wildman and Faith Gordon represented the accused, former Government Senator and Education Minister Ruel Reid, and his co accused, CMU President, Professor Fritz Pinnock.

Wildman and Gordon appealed on the grounds that breaches occurred when officers attached to the Financial Investigations Division,FID arrested and charged their clients last year.

The attorneys’ also questioned whether a fiat to prosecute should be set aside.

And whether there was a need for recourse through the courts for Reid and Pinnock as well as the other co-accused.

Jointly held in relation to allegations of corruption at the CMU were Reid’s wife Sharen, his daughter Sharel and Brown’s Town Councillor, Kim Brown Lawrence.

The FID’s being represented by attorneys Richard Small and Cheryl Lee Bolton.

The criminal matter involving the men in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish court is to resume on April 8, 2020.