Fired Education Minister, Ruel Reid, has resigned as JLP caretaker for North West St Ann.

Mr Reid had indicated in April, that he would resign from the post, shortly after he was sacked as Education Minister and Government Senator, amid corruption allegations.

But according to media reports, he’s still been working in the constituency.

General Secretary of the Jamaica Labour Party, Dr Horace Chang, says he spoke with Mr Reid today, who says he’s submitted his resignation letter to the party.

He says the JLP will now move to select someone to replace Reid.

He also says the Holness administration is concerned about corruption allegations and claims.

This morning Executive Director of the Jamaica Accountability Meter Portal, Jeanette Calder, told Nationwide News that corruption in Jamaica is at crisis levels and affecting Holness politically.

But Dr Chang says the administration has dealt swiftly and decisively on matters of corruption.

Dr Horace Chang, JLP General Secretary, speaking this
afternoon with Nationwide News.