A Denham Town High School student has been charged following a viral video in which a male student was beaten by fellow schoolmates.

The schoolboy has been charged with assault occasioning bodily harm.

The video, recorded on Wednesday February 15, shows two students repeatedly kicking and slapping a student after instructing him to kneel on the floor.

Head of the Kingston Western Police Division, Senior Superintendent Michael Phipps, says they’ve made contact with the school and the victim regarding the incident.

Senior Superintendent Michael Phipps, Head of the Kingston Western Police Division.

The student is to appear in the Family Court on Monday, February 27. The other student seen in the video assaulting the boy is also now in police custody.

Police confirmed that the teen was taken to the Kingston Western police by his parents yesterday evening.

He’s expected to be slapped with assault charges.

And the MP for West Kingston, the constituency in which Denham Town High school falls, Desmond McKenzie has condemned the actions of the two accused schoolboys.

Desmond McKenzie, MP for West Kingston.