Scores of residents and motorists of Scotts Pass and surrounding communities on the border of Clarendon and Manchester mounted a road block this morning causing a build up of traffic and chaos in the area.

The protesters were expressing concerns over what they say is the worsening condition of the roadway.

The blockade was in the vicinity of the Scotts Pass Post Office.

A pregnant woman who was trapped by the roadblock had to be assisted to the hospital by the Police.

One motorist emphasized that the protest was not political.

He says the poor condition of the road has caused several deaths.

Councillor for the Toll Gate Division, Radcliffe McDonald says the residents have been expressing frustration about the road for months now.

Radcliffe McDonald, Councillor for the Toll Gate Division of the Clarendon Municipal Corporation..

The Porus Police say the residents and motorists mounted the road block at about 7 this morning.

Manager of the Porus Police Station, Inspector Wilbert Mills says it caused a pile up of traffic for hours.

He says by 11 AM the traffic was flowing smoothly.

But Inspector Mills says this may not be the end of the protest action, because the authorities have failed to address the protesting residents and motorists.

It’s understood that South West Clarendon Member of Parliament Lothian Cousins is to meet with the residents later today in a bid to arrive at a conclusion.