The National Security Council, NSC, says it’s currently working on an integrated and comprehensive set of measures to significantly reduce the country’s spiraling crime rate.

The Security Council is chaired by Prime Minister, Andrew Holness.

In a statement this afternoon the security council says it’s in the process of developing an elaborate strategic anti-crime action plan.

It says the plan will outline an integrated and comprehensive set of measures to significantly reduce crime in Jamaica.

The Security Council says in light of the urgency of Jamaica’s crime problem it’s been meeting monthly rather than quarterly which had been the norm.

According to the security council, it has embarked on a comprehensive and thorough approach with a view to achieving significant and sustainable reductions in crime, rather than adopting ad hoc and short-term measures.

The NSC has established a timeline ending in October of this year to complete all consultations and deliberations, and finalization of a plan for submission to Cabinet.

The Council says it’s focusing on a wide range of inter-related areas, especially in relation to violent crime, crimes involving the use of firearms, and the lottery scam

It hopes to among other things increase the size of the security forces as well as their base locations and mobility.

The NSC says it also hopes to lay a framework for the enhancement of the capabilities of the investigative and prosecutorial arm of the state.

It says the judicial framework and procedures, relevant legislative Acts and instruments and the correctional system will also be addressed.

Council Chairman, Prime Minister Andrew Holness says he notes the high incidence of gun crimes as among the most pressing problems, with statistics showing gang conflicts being responsible for most murders.

The statement from the security council today, says the Prime Minister has emphasized urgency in providing greater support to, and employing strategic measures in the entire justice system.

This towards ensuring that significantly more cases are effectively investigated and prosecuted.

In recent months gang feuds in sections of the Corporate Area have left several persons dead and others injured.

Police Area 4 Boss, Senior Superintendent Terrence Bent, says gangs vying for control of the lucrative extortion racket are at the heart of the violence.

The security forces are also this afternoon maintaining a strong presence in Downtown Kingston.

Violence erupted in sections of the capital on the weekend when thugs exchanged gunfire in Bread Lane and on Spanish Town Road.

Western Jamaica has also experienced violent crimes this year which the security forces have largely attributed to the deadly lottery scam.