The nation’s Security Minister, Dr. Horace Chang is promising better results from crime fighting this year.

He made the statement while speaking on Nationwide this Morning.

He disclosed that the capacity building of the Jamaica Constabulary Force by the government will ensure improved safety on the island.

Over 1,300 Jamaicans were murdered across the country last year.

This represents a 3.4% hike in murders over the corresponding period in 2018.

The Security Minister says by improving the Force, the medium term goal is to reduce the nation’s murder rate to 800.

This he says would subsequently result in a consistent decline in the number of persons being killed annually.

But the Minister says the enhanced security measures must remain and work hand in hand with their other efforts, to achieve the medium term goals of a drastic reduction in murders, strengthening communities and the Force.

Dr. Chang says the enhanced security measures must only be lifted when they’re able to reduce the murder rate to 800

Dr. Horace Chang, National Security Minister speaking on Nationwide this Morning with Kalilah Reynolds and Abka Fitz-Henley.

The Minister says the 3% increase in murders is reflective of a stability in the homicide rate coming from over 20% in 2017 when the first prolonged enhanced security measures were implemented.

Dr. Horace Chang, National Security Minister.