A lawmaker from the Opposition PNP is lashing out at US Ambassador to Jamaica, Donald Tapia, for warning Jamaica about its friendly relations with China.

Opposition Senator, Lambert Brown, this afternoon suggested Jamaica should tell the US Ambassador that it will not be lectured.

He also suggested Jamaica should tell those who seek to interfere with its sovereignty that they should mind their own business.

Senator Brown made the suggestion while he contributed to debate in the Senate on an anti-money laundering bill.

Senator Brown says he supports a recent editorial which says Prime Minister Andrew Holness should direct Foreign Affairs Minister, Kamina Johnson Smith, to summon Ambassador Tapia to a meeting.

Senator Brown says Jamaica should be firm with foreign interests who seek to lecture the country about who it should have friendly relations with.

Lambert Brown, Opposition Senator addressing the Upper House of Parliament today.

In the meantime, Senator Johnson Smith responded to Senator Brown and said she acts at all times in the best interest of Jamaica.

The Foreign Affairs Minister told the Opposition Senator that she’d not be dictated to by a newspaper editorial.

Kamina Johnson Smith, Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Minister, addressing the Senate this afternoon.