Tyrone Reid reports.

Medical entomologist in the Health and Wellness Ministry, Sherine Huntley-Jones, says unless Jamaicans start taking personal responsibility for eliminating breeding sites in and around their homes, more persons are going to die as a result of the dengue fever virus.

Mrs. Huntley-Jones, who’s in charge of the health and wellness ministry’s vector control programme, says her team had to destroy 40 breeding sites at the home of a child who died as a result of the virus.

Jamaica is still in the throes of an outbreak of dengue.

So far this year, there’ve been nearly 58-hundred recorded cases of the virus.

According to the country’s Chief Medical Officer, Jacqueline Bisasor-McKenzie, between January 2018 and November 5, this year, there were 51 confirmed dengue related deaths.

The Health and Wellness Ministry’s Medical Entomologist says unless Jamaicans start to play their part in the fight against the deadly vector borne disease, more people will die.

Mrs. Huntley Jones says the efforts of the Health and Wellness Ministry alone aren’t enough tackle the dengue outbreak.

Mrs. Huntley Jones is urging Jamaicans to be vigilant and to search their homes for breeding sites and destroy them.