CEO of Seprod Group, Richard Pandohie, says he’s against a boycott of goods from Trinidad and Tobago.

According to Mr. Pandohie, Seprod is the largest exporter to Trinidad and Tobago out of Jamaica.

The company recently announced a 20-percent price cut on its biscuits and crackers. Mr. Pandohie says those calling for a boycott need to take the emotion out of the issue.

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Mr. Pandohie says those who complain about unfair trade advantages, such as the oil subsidy granted to Trinidadian manufactures, should take their grouses to the Caribbean Court of Justice, CCJ.

The Seprod CEO adds that Jamaican companies are partly to blame for the trade imbalance with Trinidad and Tobago.

He says Trinidadian manufacturers have been more aggressive than their Jamaican counterparts.

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