There’s uncertainty this morning in the PNP heartland of South East St Ann following yesterday’s run-off elections.

This after none of the three aspirants, Wavell Hinds, Kenneth Russell or Patricia Duncan Sutherland, achieved the required 50% plus one vote required to be declared winner.

The final vote count showed Dr. Russell with 358 votes, Hinds 245 and Duncan Sutherland 171.

Four votes were spoilt.

778 of the nearly 1300 delegates in the constituency voted in yesterday’s selection exercise.

However, the 358 votes of Dr Russell represented 46 percent or less than the fifty percent plus one required for an automatic selection.

He said he expected the party to honour the choice of the delegates as they had given a clear indication of their support and preference.

After the results were announced at Ferncourt High School in Claremont, St Ann, General Secretary Dr Dayton Campbell said the party leadership would have the final say, as no one had reached the 50 percent plus one.

He said there would be no second vote.

In local circles, Hinds was seen as the front runner after the party had said he polled the most in an opinion poll carried out in April.

However, the vote Sunday was forced by protests of delegates who said they would have to have their say in who was to be the candidate.

And in a subsequent statement from the party Secretariat just after midnight this morning, the PNP says the matter as to who will represent South East St. Ann will be referred to its Election Monitoring Committee, EMC and the officers of Region One.

It says the two groups will be charged with making a decision pursuant to Clause 29 of its by-rules, which states that the EMC in consultation with the Region shall determine the process.

The party’s statement has left open the possibility of a run off between the two top aspirants, Kenneth Russell and Wavell Hinds.

The PNP says any announcement declaring a winner in the selection exercise is premature and should be ignored.

It’s appealing to its supporters to be patient as the process unfolds.

The party says it remains committed to providing the best representation to the people of South East St. Ann, and will move to address the matter promptly.