Several private sector organisations have banded together to attempt to reduce the high rate of crimes being committed by the nation’s youth.

More than 100 youth in hot spot communities in Kingston, St. Catherine, Clarendon, and St. James will benefit from skills training, livelihood opportunities and psycho-social interventions.

The partners include CAC 2000 Foundation, Jamaica Energy Partners, Jamaica Public Service, LASCO Chin Foundation.

Manpower Maintenance and Services Limited and the Grace and Staff Community Development Foundation are also a part of the agreement.

President and CEO at the Jamaica Private Power Company, Wayne McKenzie, says social issues will be targeted.

The JPPC seeks to empower 20 youth between 18 and 24 years.

CEO of LASCO Chin Foundation, Professor Rosalea Hamilton, says assistance to children should go beyond educational growth.

The foundation is working with 35 at-risk youth, by providing Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and business mentorship.

The CAC 2000 Foundation provides psychosocial support to a total of 20 medium to high-risk youth from Majestic Gardens.

Foundation Manager, Janelle deFreitas, says the volatile environment has caused depression in young people.

Janelle deFreitas, Foundation Manager at CAC 2000 Foundation.

Community Renewal Manager at the Jamaica Public Service Foundation, Marlene McDonald, says it’s looking at training individuals in electrical installation.

The Foundation will recruit 40 medium to high-risk youth in the targeted communities of August Town and Trench Town in Kingston, Canaan Heights in Clarendon and Granville in St. James.

And, CEO at Grace and Staff Community Development Foundation, Sandrina Davis, says the project will assist young men in resolving issues without turning to crime.

The Foundation works with 20 youth between the ages of 14 to 29 from Central Kingston and Majestic Gardens in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy interventions, skills training, and support activities.

Sandrina Davis, CEO at Grace and Staff Community Development Foundation.

The Manpower Services will train 20 medium to high-risk youth aged 17 to 35, on vocational skills for employment, entrepreneurship, and behavior modification.