The Education Ministry is moving to relocate approximately 700 students of the Glen Stewart Primary School, in St. Elizabeth.

The school, which is located in Maggotty, was ordered closed by the Public Health Department on Monday due to a recurring sewage problem.

Director for the Ministry’s Region Five, Nadine Leachman, says the grade six students are being accommodated in a nearby church.

But she says most of the other students are at home.

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She says the teachers are still sending school work for students who’re home.

Ms. Leachman says sewage running on the school grounds has been a long-standing problem.

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In an e-mail to Nationwide News last evening, the Education Ministry says it’s working to resolve the issue for classes to resume by Monday. It says it’s met with parents and four places were identified to accommodate the students.

The Ministry says all students will be placed and transportation provided. It says a team of engineers is looking at a longer term solution which requires major technical work.