Former General Secretary of the Peoples’ National Party, PNP, Paul Burke, says a Sexual Harassment Policy, to be instituted by the party, is long overdue.

PNP President, Dr Peter Phillips, told a media conference yesterday, that implementation of the policy is to be spearheaded by the party’s Women’s Movement.

Dr. Phillips also says the sexual harassment policy will be incorporated into the party’s by-laws and regulations.

Mr Burke says the party has lost several female members due to what he describes as a strong minority of men who seek to impose themselves upon women in the party.

He says it’s not a big problem, but one that cannot be denied.

Mr Burke says even men within the PNP’s leadership ranks over the years have been accused of sexual harassment.

The former PNP General Secretary says he’s also heard allegations of sexual harassment be leveled against a number of current PNP leaders.

But, Mr Burke says he has no proof they are guilty.

Paul Burke, former General Secretary of the People’s National Party, speaking last evening on Nationwide @ 5 with Cliff Hughes and Tyrone Reid