Finance Minister, Audley Shaw, says he’ll look into a suggestion by Opposition Senator, Lambert Brown, regarding the establishment of a National Tax Advisory Committee.

The Committee, as proposed by Mr. Lambert, would oversee the implementation of phase two of the government’s one-point-5 million dollar tax break.

Senator Brown made the suggestion in a Private Member’s Motion in the Senate earlier this month.

In his motion, Senator Brown noted that phase two of the government’ tax plan will require at least 16-billion dollars in revenue.

Phase two of the so-called tax break is to take effect on the April 1, next year.

He says the tax measures may have a severe impact on various groups in the society and so a consultative approach is needed.

Senator Brown is calling for the establishment of a National Advisory Tax Committee to assess revenue options consistent with Jamaica’s economic reform programme.

He says this committee should be comprised of a broad base of relevant stakeholders, including the private sector, trade unions as well as the micro and small business sector.

Speaking with Nationwide News earlier this month, Minister Shaw said he’s happy to assess the suggestion.

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Mr. Shaw says the government has proven its commitment to consultation and partnership.

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Meanwhile, Minister Shaw says his ministry will prioritize boosting efficiency in the public sector in 2017.

He says this must be done through two clear paths.

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