Nationwide News understands that embattled Councillor for the Green Island Division in the Hanover Parish Council, Shernet Haughton, is to be expelled from the governing People’s National Party.

This after she failed to comply with an order by the party, to report to a meeting of its Integrity Commission.

That meeting became necessary after the Office of the Contractor General found her guilty of nepotism, conflicts of interest and impropriety in the award of government contracts worth almost 4-million dollars, to 11 family members.

The OCG’s findings were based on an investigation done during Ms. Haughton’s tenure as Mayor of Lucea.

When contacted by our news centre this morning, Ms. Haughton would neither confirm nor deny that she’s facing up to the prospect of having her membership revoked by the party.

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Shernet Haughton, former Mayor of Lucea.

The PNP General Secretary, Paul Burke, would only say that the party’s decision on Councillor Haughton’s fate, will be made public tomorrow.

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Paul Burke, General Secretary of the PNP, speaking with Nationwide News.